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How to Become The Ultimate Wordscapes Master

Wordscapes may seem like a geeky game because it only deals with letters and words. But if you don’t prejudge the game by its name, you would find that Wordscapes is actually a fun game for everyone.

Kids and adults just love the different word hunt features because there is no pressure in this game. It is very easy to download on your desktop and the controls are easy to learn too! Playing Wordscapes is fun and with some tips and tricks to get you going, you will surely master this game in no time!

Aim For The Longest Word Possible

Wordscapes is a fun word hunt game on PC which has relaxing backdrop landscapes that change throughout the game. The numerous word puzzles can be overwhelming but if you go over it one at a time, you will eventually get hooked into it.

One major tip if you want to be a Wordscapes master is to always aim for the longest word. Just focus on creating one word that could make use of all the given letters. You may rearrange and shuffle the letters to help you spot the longest word. Once you see that word, the remaining ones are easier to form.


wordscapes gameplay


Keep Shuffling

Once you go higher in level, you will eventually find the puzzles more difficult. There are combinations that just won’t form a lot of words at first glance. So what to do? The answer is to just keep shuffling!

When you first shuffle it, the letters may not make up a word yet. So shuffle again until you get ideas and clues to create the required words in that puzzle. Shuffling is free, so you don’t have to worry about spending coins or preserving moves for this.

Complete Wordscapes Daily Puzzles 

There are a lot of surprises that await every player. Daily puzzles should never be ignored because these give you coin rewards that help you progress in the game. These coins can be your saving grace when you think your brain can’t handle the puzzles anymore. Completing daily challenges is also a great way to exercise your skills and enhance your vocabulary in the process.

If you are ready for thousands of word puzzles, download Wordscapes today on your PC and don’t get left behind. Invite your family and friends and see who among you would become the ultimate Wordscapes Champion!