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Playing Wordscapes: How to Make the Most Out of the Game

Ever wonder why some people are glued on their PC all day just because of random letters and word puzzles? Well, if you download Wordscapes on PC, you might be doing that next. Wordscapes is a fun and addicting word puzzle game that has beautiful landscapes in the background. Hence the title, Word + scapes.

The game is known for its challenging word puzzles and anagrams, but if you really want to make the most out of the game, there are certain features that you might want to check out. Hint—this involves getting coins for free. Just read below to know more!

Wordscapes Brilliance

A lot of people are not familiar with Wordscape Brilliance, but this is actually a progress tracker that helps monitor your performance in the game. You earn Wordscape Brilliance when you beat more levels and find more words (than the average).


wordscapes brilliance


When you earn this, you can see this big shiny sun at the home screen of the game that lights up when you win a puzzle. Though this does not affect the gameplay in any way, it serves as bragging rights to your friends and family who are also playing Wordscapes!

How to Earn Free Coins in Wordscapes

Do you want to earn coins to level up or get an extra turn? You can do all that without spending real money. All you have to do is send emails to friends, and invite them to play Wordscapes. Once they download and play the game, you will earn 300 coins instantly! The more friends you invite into the game, the more free coins you will earn.

Another way to earn free Wordscape coins is to watch video ads for just 30 seconds. It may seem boring, but at least you get coins in the end. These ads are usually just about other word games or casual games in general. Compared with the previous method, watching ads won’t give you a lot of coins, but you can opt to watch more ads if you want to add more coins to your stash. You can use your coins in many ways. You can spend them for hints and power-ups that can help you level up quickly. However, it’s more practical to reserve these coins for higher and more difficult levels only.

So, what’s taking you so long? Start sending those invites now to earn free coins! But before that, make sure you download the Wordscapes game on your PC to play it. Just click on the “Play For Free” button on the banner to get started!