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Why Wordscapes is a Unique Word Game

When you think of a word game, you’d think it’s just another regular crossword type puzzle game. However, when Wordscapes came out, players were greeted with a refreshing take to the monotonous formula of word connection formula. With a combination of crossword, and anagram, it sets apart as its own word game.

Not only is it a relaxing word game that does not pressure you with time or any form of in-game danger, it is also great for enhancing your vocabulary. It is a convenient way of playing word match while learning new words on a daily basis. We breakdown the reasons why Wordscapes is a unique word game.


Wordscape Pink Theme


A Mixture of All Good Word Games

Crossword, Scrabble, Anagram, you name it, Wordscapes combines them. You solve words through a series of patterns that go vertically from up to down and horizontally from left to right. You have to solve all possible words within the 5 jumbled letters that are presented before you. What you go for first is up to you; all that matters is that you finish them.

However, there is no time limit. In fact, there is no pressure at all. If you find yourself stuck in a level, you can just go back again and not have to restart it. If you need clues, the game will provide hints and letter solvers anyway – at a cost of in-game coins.

Themed Levels

Wordscapes is more than just a cluster of stages where you must solve for letters; every world or chapter has a theme. In one word, it will be levels based on seasonal weather like Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. To top it all off, the words are based on the theme too. That kind of level design brings life into the game and gives purpose to the players as to why they should keep on progressing through the game.


Wordscape gameplay


A Good Balance Between Easy & Challenging

You cannot say that Wordscapes is easy nor hard. The difficulty is just right for anybody, both beginners and advanced players who are proficient in English words. Remember that the formula is simple so there is no way does it scale harder or easier than what it already offers. This is why Wordscapes is a game that can be appreciated by all ages whilst not worrying about any high skill ceilings. All you need is English vocabulary knowledge.

Wordscapes Unique Secret Word System

One of the main reasons why it’s a distinct game is the secret word system. While they are not mandatory to solve (although still a requirement to finish if the missing letters are inside boxes with coins), it’s always a pleasant surprise if you solve a world that you thought did not exist.

The game rewards you with bonus coins for solving these hidden words. It is also a good way to find out if you have much word knowledge. The game makes it more fun and addictive to do because, hey, it’s always thrilling to do egg hunting on secrets on pretty much any game.


Wordscape Themes


Instant Dictionary

Another great detail in the game (which people may not have seen yet) is the instant dictionary feature. Once you solve a word, you can tap on it to see the official definition of the word. It is what makes Wordscapes stand out from the rest of the word games since it makes it easier for the player to learn newfound words or enhance their knowledge on already known words. Personally, we like reading the definitions of the most common words just to see what their meanings are.

Wordscapes Great Visuals & Music

The music and presentation of the game are great. Each level has a high definition images that are good enough to look like phone wallpapers. The music is also soothing to hear which is why it makes a great day ender before you sleep. Games don’t always have to be explosions and punches, right? If you are still curious about how to play the game, you can try Wordscapes now for free on the PC.