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Wordscapes Overview: New PC Update Version

Wordscapes, is a word puzzle genre in 2017 that has evolved into a classic title followed by millions of fans across the globe. For those new to the game, Wordscapes combine the challenging elements of a word puzzle game with the picturesque beauty of our planet (now even the galaxy). In other words, Wordscapes is a word puzzle game set in various themed landscapes.

The main selling point of the game comes from the relaxing themes depicted in high-definition images combined with a near-endless collection of words just waiting for you to discover. With that said, the game’s developer Peoplefun is continuously working to come up with various themes each month.

Each theme along with its own set of images are delivered religiously through updates that drop once or twice a month. Now we are going to take a quick overview of the latest themes featured in this awesome puzzle game.

Do take note that Wordscapes does not force updates unlike other games, which means that the version you are playing right now may not be the current version. Nevertheless, since you are here already, feel free to check out the various patch notes for the latest updates of the game.


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Wordscapes PC Updates Patch Notes

See all these exciting game updates that the Wordscapes bring you. If you’re not playing the game yet, then perhaps looking through these features will help you decide!

Wordscapes Version 1.13.0

This version comes with a new event that allows you to explore constellations and planets. The Stargazing Collection is a galaxy-themed event that brings you closer to the stars. It also includes another event called Furry Friends. In this event, you and your friends needs to find the adorable cats and dogs in the game. Also included in this update are the regular bug fixes, performance improvements, along with other in-game optimizations

The Game Version 1.12.1

The version 1.12.1 comes with new events that allow you to complete levels in order to earn fun new portraits With a new holiday background, you’ll get to enjoy playing and solving the game puzzle with friends.

Get ahold of these festive high definition backgrounds and celebrate the winter holidays on your device with festive backgrounds. Besides, this version also includes the regular bug fixes, performance improvements, and other in-game optimizations.

Wordscapes Version 1.11.0

Lastly, the version 1.11.0 includes new crowns in preparation for the Winter 2020 season. This festive and royal gear is obtainable through the multiplayer mode. Wait, there’s more! This part also features optional French and German translations. With this mode, you can experience try French and German language in Wordscapes! This version also supports upcoming year events. As you may have known, the holidays are right around the corner and what better way jump into the vibe than having an advanced celebration

Lastly, all regular Bug fixes, performance improvements, and other in-game optimizations gets optimized in this version. Wordscapes is a modestly designed game that delivers fast boredom-killers from your device. You can play this brilliant word puzzle game on a whim with just a click of a button online or offline.

Going back to the patch notes, one of the most interesting features mentioned is the multiplayer crown. In case you don’t know, Wordscapes provides an immersive single-player experience and competitive multiplayer mode. The crowns mentioned in the patch is for players who were able to reach a certain milestone while playing with others online.


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Winter Holiday Theme

Another interesting feature mentioned in the patch notes is the winter holiday that features festive backgrounds. Now, you can celebrate the holidays in advance by simply playing Wordscapes on your device. The best part of the entire update, however, is the integration of the Stargazing Collection into the game.

The Stargazing Collection as mentioned in the patch notes will feature high-definition images of various constellations and planets. With this feature, you can enjoy the beauty of the celestial bodies while exercising your word-finding skills.

All in all, the latest update for Wordscapes is just as grand and as exciting as the previous ones. The main difference this time is that the latest version of the game features much smoother gameplay, fluid animation, and better UI.

Wrapping Up

To that end, if you are new or a veteran player of Wordscapes who has yet to experience the game on a PC, then, you are on the right page. Enjoy countless hours of challenging word puzzles and relaxing images straight from your PC free. If you haven’t tried playing the game for real, then why not look into this how to play guide here.

Well, all you need to do is click on the “Play for Free” button on this page! Ensure to follow the installation/download instructions, and wait for the game to install. Experience the ultimate word search puzzle game on PC! If you haven’t played Wordscapes yet, look through this, How to Play guide for more!