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Have More Puzzle Fun with Friends via Wordscapes Tournament

Are you deeply into Wordscapes? Well, you’re not alone. A lot of players in the gaming community are also in love with playing this PC game. Despite its very easy gameplay, it still is fun and entertaining for a lot of players. But, what’s even more surprising is that you no longer have to play this game all by yourself. If you want a real challenge that’s even more exciting than the Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Challenge, check out Wordscapes Tournaments! Let us show you what this new feature is about. 

What is Wordscapes Tournament?

The tournament is a new feature in Wordscapes. It’s an avenue where players from around the world compete with each other to rank in the world leaderboard. The higher you rank, the more rewards you’ll earn, including more rockets and more coins. This tournament only happens every weekend, specifically from Friday 10 PM UTC to Monday 3 AM UTC (time differs per time zone). It runs mostly for 55 hours. 

Besides the individual player tournaments, PeopleFun announced in April this year that there are team tournaments now. In this feature, players need to join a team to participate. The good thing about it, aside from team competition, is that you can interact with players around the globe. It’s a new experience for gamers. 


How to Enter the Tournament

Joining a tournament is simple. You have to provide your Wordscapes answers and complete any normal level when the tournament is up, so you can gain star points and enter a tournament group. A tournament group usually consists of 100 players. 

How to Join a Wordscapes PC Team Tournament

Joining a team tournament can be tricky. To do so, you must achieve two tasks: 1) join a team and 2) level up high. First off is joining a Wordscapes team. According to the developers of the game, you should have to be at least Level 50 to join a team. If you don’t, then you have to wait until you’re at that level.  Joining a tournament also requires you to reach a certain level, and that is at level 65. Once you’re on that level, you already qualify to play the team tournament and rank in the leaderboards. 

Puzzle Making at Its Best

Wordscapes PC is improving the puzzle-solving experience of every player. That is why a lot of players have commended the developers for the continuous effort they put into the game. No Wordscapes cheat will work your way up the team leaderboards. Play the game now and join a tournament. Bring the word challenge to the next level!