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Wordscapes: Update 1.13.1 Content & Features

If you’re someone who loves playing puzzle games and has a deep vocabulary, then you will likely enjoy playing Wordscapes. It’s a puzzle word game that’s published by PeopleFun. In this game, you will be given jumbled letters and then come up with words out of those letters. At each level, there will be several crossword puzzle boxes that you’d have to fill in.

But instead of typing the words into the puzzle box, you need to join them together using the given letters. It’s a fun and easy game to play on a long day. It has simple but addictive gameplay. It acts as a challenge to your vocabulary while compelling you to learn new words at the same time. To make the game more fun and interesting, the developers made sure to add new and exciting features to the game.

Through regular updates, the devs improved Wordscapes by a mile. This includes new content, and bug fixes to improve the game. This is also the reason why the game remains to be one of the top choices in its genre. It’s minimalistic yet breathtaking, simple yet engaging. The developers put their passion into this game and continuously take care of it. For this year, the latest update is 1.13.1, which was released during the first week of the year. But what does it bring to Wordscapes? Let’s discuss this in this article.

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New Content From Update 1.13.1

The latest update from the developers continues the events that were introduced in update 1.13.0. The Stargazing Collection Event and the Furry Friends Event. For the Stargazing Collection event, you’re able to explore planets and constellations while completing crossword puzzle boxes. It’s a great addition since the background for the level takes you to outer space and other planets. It’s like you are really stargazing as you play Wordscapes.

The Furry Friends Event, meanwhile, is an event where you find cute and adorable cats and dogs. Your goal for the event is to just basically collect cute and adorable cats and dogs. The only way to do that is to solve word puzzles. Finish all the puzzles to be able to collect all of these adorable pets. It’s a cute addition to the game, which makes it more fun and interesting to solve all these word puzzles. It gives you added motivation, especially if you want to collect all cute and adorable pets before the event ends.

It’s not stated how long the event will last. But it’s safe to assume it will likely remain available until the next update of the game. So, it’s best to take advantage of the rewards it offers while it’s still available to play.

News of Improvement In The Latest Update

Aside from continuing the events, the latest update provided fixes for some bugs and issues. Though the developers didn’t provide many details about what those fixes are, rest assured it’s something that will likely improve Wordscapes’ overall gameplay.

One of the good things about Wordscapes is that the developers ensure they are constantly providing updates to the game. Looking at the schedules of their update release, you can get at least one update every month. For the next month, there isn’t any news or information regarding what the latest additions would be. But looking at the developers’ diligence, you can expect it to come between the last week of January and the 2nd week of February.

As for what kind of update it will likely be, it’s most likely going to be several new events. They will likely be related to Valentine’s Day since that’s the major event for the month of February. So don’t be surprised to see heart-themed events coming to Wordscapes. There were some reported issues and bugs that players are experiencing recently on the game. So, expect the developers to address the issues in their next update to the game.

The Ever-Improving Word Puzzle Game

Wordscapes is a fun, entertaining, and addictive puzzle game that you can play. Not only will it help you relax, but it can also help improve your vocabulary as well. To make sure the game continues to be enjoyable for players, the developers constantly provide updates and new content. The most recent update really improved the game so expect that there will be more to come.

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As the devs continue to roll out improvements and new content, you can be sure that Wordscapes will remain as one of the most unique word puzzle games in the market. You can try it out for yourself by playing it on PC. Its simple mechanic and engaging tutorial phase can give you the overall idea of how to play it. Enrich your vocabulary and play Wordscapes now! See if you have what it takes to beat the difficult levels.