Wordscapes | Guide to this Free-to-Play PC Game

If you’re fond of playing word games like crossword puzzles or anagrams, then you’ll know how this game works. For starters, Wordscapes PC is simply a word game made exciting. It goes beyond the usual crossword puzzle-solving experience that you’re familiar with. 

Playing this PC game is as easy as the usual crossword puzzles. In around three minutes or less, you will already be aware and familiar with the mechanics. That is why this game is made for all ages and different gamers. 

So here’s how the game works:


Guess the Wordscapes answer

The game starts as soon as you open the game. As with other similar word games, you’ll start first by answering very easy puzzles. Once you’ve finished solving the first puzzle, you’ll then proceed to the next level, earning coins and brilliance along the way. Brilliance refers to points that track your progress. 

Once you’ve finished off a few rounds and get the hang of the game, you won’t have any difficulties in solving puzzles soon. That’s basically how the whole gameplay works.


Hints and Shuffles are your Wordscapes Cheat

Along your gaming journey, you will face difficult words in the long run. If you don’t have any clue about the word, give it a shot using the hints. However, you could only use 3 hints on a certain level. If you run out of hints, you can always buy it, but will it cost you too much.

Another feature that you can use in playing Wordscapes is using the shuffle. You can find it in the left corner of the screen. You can use this once you’re stuck in the level already, and you want to reshuffle. Together, the hint and shuffle are the “cheat features” that will make your game easier.


Participate in Daily Challenges 

To earn Wordscapes PC money easily, you must partake in the daily challenges. These challenges are where you solve a challenging Wordscapes Daily Puzzle for great rewards. And here’s the good thing: you have no time limit in answering! 

Another good reason to play these daily challenges is because of Wordscapes coins. Through this, you’ll be earning coins more than you’re playing it on regular levels. You can even get more coins when you provide bonus words. Plus, more exciting rewards also await.


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Whether you’re a gamer or not, you can always play Wordscapes PC easily. See how you can beat the levels by playing this amazing word puzzle game now.